Types of Bets on Roulette


Roulette is a casino game where you bet on a series of numbers in a wheel. It’s a great way to try your luck and win some cash!

The Wheel

A roulette wheel consists of a wooden disk with metal partitions around its rim. These partitions contain colored pockets for the ball to land in. The croupier spins the wheel and the ball is dropped into it.

The ball bounces and settles into a pocket marked by the number that you bet on. The player with the winning bet wins.

There are many different types of bets on the roulette table. Each type of bet has a payout that varies depending on the probability of that bet happening.

Split Bet: Also known as a cheval in French, this bet involves placing a chip on a line that straddles two numbers on the layout. The payout is 17-1 if either of those two numbers comes up.

Street Bet: This bet straddles a whole row of three numbers on the layout, with a payout of 11-1 if any of those three numbers come up.

Corner Bets or Square Bets: These bets are made on a square of four numbers on the layout, with a payout that is 8-1 if any of those four numbers come up.

Six Number Bet: This bet straddles two lines of three numbers each, with a payout that is 5-1 if any of those six numbers come up.

High or Low Bet: This bet is a little more complex than it sounds. This bet is a little like the passe et manque in French. It wagers that the winning number is one of the first 18 numbers on the layout, or one of the last 18.

Odd or Even Bet: This bet straddles the line between red and black, with a payout of 1-1 if any of those 18 odd numbers come up.

The house edge on most of the bets on a roulette table is a fraction of a percent, so it’s not as big of a risk as craps. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Those include European and French rules, which reduce the house edge for even money bets by half.